Dental Services


Excerpt: We will take the time to understand your expectations and explain procedures that may enhance the beauty of your smile.

Emergency Services

For weekend emergency coverage, our practice partners with five other local dentists to form a call group. In emergency situations, one of the dentists in the call group will treat established patients for problems such as swelling, pain or broken teeth. For weekend emergency support, call our office at 919-781-0056. You will be given directions …


We stress regular preventive care as a way to maintain your healthy smile. It’s important to have an exam and cleaning every 6 months.


Sealants are another preventive treatment that is often suggested on young permanent molars to protect the chewing surfaces.  This is a simple, painless procedure that involves placing a clear resin in the grooves on the top of the tooth. Schedule An Appointment


We know your time is important. That is why we have all patient forms online. Fill out the forms in the comfort of your own home.


We love treating children. Nothing is more satisfying than helping your child have a positive experience in our office. Dr. Heberer and the entire staff work hard to reduce any anxiety your little one may have. All procedures are explained in kid friendly terms and questions are answered patiently. We encourage parents to bring their children in for …